What lies beyond my smile

What lies beyond my smile

Maria is very happy at the Institute, but when she gets home...


Authors: Nadia Georgiana Vasile; Ionela Voicu; Daniela Elena Dobrin; Ionut Daniel Ciotu; Roxana Michaela Stefan; Gabriela Lucia Radu; Crina Barbucianu; Daniela Alexandra Neagu; Georgiana Romanescu; Melissa Buca and Marcela Florina Munciu.

Year: 2012

Duration: 5 min

Country: Romania

City: Slobozia (Ialomita)

Language: Romanian. Captions in English.

Synopsis: Maria is a very happy girl when she goes to the Institute, but her smile masks a very different reality at home. Her parents went to work abroad and she is alone taking care of his brother. One day Maria returns home and finds the house upside down. She decides to stay home and not go to the Institute. She receives an unexpected help (her friends).