What is YouthME?

What is YouthME?

YouthME focuses on the process of empowerment of young immigrant adolescents at risk of social exclusion. That is to say, a process in which the adolescents become aware of their own capabilities and opportunities, facilitating them to choose to develop themselves, be it on individual level, as a part of a group or as a part of a collective.


The proposal is attractive and effective because it uses the video camera as an exceptional tool to develop skills and abilities of youth, such as teamwork, creativity, conflict resolution, empathy, perseverance, analytical skills, etc… Everyone can get the possibility to obtain an active and fundamental role in the process!

The camera will enable the realization of a participatory social video through a process of team working. This process will also strengthen aspects related to interpersonal relations and development skills that will improve the quality of life of the participants.

YouthME strives for the goal that the participants identify themselves as cross-workers: people who learn to live in difficult social contexts and create strategies to overcome the disadvantages on their daily life. The project offers a platform of self-discovery, which encourages the participants’ will to help other young people in similar difficult circumstances by means of a training that matches their own profile and needs, and which deepens their knowledge regarding the field of audiovisual production and video creation.

The four actions of the project are shown below. Right now, we are in action 3: Crossworkers training.