Member entities - España

  • FPere Tarres Foundation

    The Pere Tarres Foundation was established over 50 years ago and is a non-profit organisation that carries out social and educational actions, promotes leisure education, improves social intervention and strengthens associations.

    The mission of Pere Tarres Foundation is based on:

    - Promoting people and contributing to enhance human dignity and self-fulfillment in every dimension.

    - Education, either formative social or cultural, has a clear educational dimension in its means and aims.

    - Education during leisure time. The importance of the social contexts outside the school in building up young people's personality, considering leisure time as a privileged framework wherein to promote values education.

    - Social action addressed to help the most disfavored collectives and to promote community development can only be placed at the service of the person and his growth when it includes an educational dimension and it becomes a field for values education.

    - Values understanding education as the transmission of values as an essential part of the person.

    Over time, it has started to include activities in other social action fields such as training, research and management. This project is developed from the Center of Knowledge Transfer in Social Action linked to Ramon Llull University, dedicated to applied research, studies and consulting for improving promotion services for people and their quality of life.

  • The Servei Gironí de Pedagogia Social (SER.GI Foundation) is a private and nonprofit organization working in the fields of social action and awareness projects in the field of education, citizenship and community development as well as social housing and professional training. It also does, among its other objectives, aim at the improvement of the quality of life of the most vulnerable individuals, families and groups.

    Nowadays, SER.GI Foundation is a leader in the field of social pedagogy, interculturality and community work in Girona Region. One of the Catalan municipalities where the empowerment workshop for young people is taking place is Salt. In this municipality, the performance of this foundation is recognized because of their projects and mechanisms for young people. The Foundation focusses on the educational field by improving school environments (school grants, tutorial support and promotion of interculturality and coexistence values within the school) and by supporting formal and non-formal education as well as occupational pathways. Furthermore, it is encouraging the participation in leisure time activities (Salt Espai Jove, co-organized with the City of Salt). SER.GI also carries out projects that promote public acceptance of newcomers in town from a comprehensive point of view.

    Jóvenes Reporteros De Salt (JRDS) - Salt Workshop