Empowerment, youth and migration.

Empowerment, youth and migration.

"Empowerment, youth and migration. Conveying the YOUTHME methodology"

seminario_logo.jpgThis International Seminar took place on the 13th and 14th of December 2012 at the CCCB and the MACBA in Barcelona. The objective of this meeting was to describe and spread the Youthme methodology to other European social professionals so that it can be copied by social organisations. The methodology is an innovation in social intervention with young immigrants at risk socially; it is based on empowerment through participation in videos. This methodology influences and promotes their active participation as agents of their own change. The participation of the young people is, therefore, an essential element in this project. 

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This is the trailer of “Alter the objective”, the participatory documentary which explains the processes which have been implimented in the development of the European Youthme Project and produced by the Quepo Foundation. The documentary was shown for the first time at the International Seminar, to watch it click here.


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