Project phases

Project phases

Project actions description:


The diagnosis aims a quantitative analysis from secondary sources of statistics (European, national and regional level).

In addition, the diagnosis will be complemented by a qualitative analysis that contains contributions of 100 professionals and 60 young immigrants collected in each country, based on the outputs of 2 focus groups with 20 professionals specializing in youth and immigration at risk and 2 focus groups with 12 young immigrant adolescents.

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We are expecting the participation of 180 young immigrant adolescents in Europe, through the organizations and professionals of the sociocommunity network in the territory. The workshops start with the active participation of young people.

YouthME offers to young adolescents the possibility to create different audiovisual productions in individual and group format. This will be carry out thanks to the place where they can create “handmade-video products” based on self-reflection, the discovery of socio-community environment , as well as the teamwork within the group of peers. Different creations and productions (videos, photographs, murals, sculptures, drawings...) can be obtained through group and individual processes of the participants in the workshop. All materials are directly reinvested in the virtual space (blog, web, twitter...).

The outcome will be the realization of 15 participative social documentaries made by young people.

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This action will consist in a training of 60 young people as agents of change through strategies of identification of individual risk factors and protective factors that enable them to overcome, in part or all of their difficulties. This theoretical and practical training course will be the stating point for a process which goal is to enable these young people to specialize in the mutual-aid relationship by giving them the opportunity to support others with similar situations, always from a space of video production.

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The project website is the cross level key so it allows an immediate and universal dissemination and transmission of knowledge in the different phases of the project. There is a blog for each country, which contains all videos made by youth in the empowerment workshops and during the crossworkers’ training course. There is also a space addressed to the professionals with educational materials and resources related to empowerment through participatory videos and documents produced throughout the entire project (eg. summary of the focus groups).

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Young people are the protagonists of the Transnational Seminar "YouthME: Protection factors of immigrant adolescent youth in Europe" scheduled for November 2012 in Barcelona. We expected the  participation of representatives from each country (youngsters and facilitators), all empowerment workshop and crossworker training participants of Spain, technical teams of every social organization and 100 professionals involved in the project target population.

This phase also considers a video creation "YouthME: Protection factors of immigrant adolescent youth in Europe” with the aim to collect fragments of audiovisual material produced in the empowerment workshops of the 5 country participants and the "making-off" of the project.

Finally, 4 national workshops will be developed in the four partner countries "YouthME: An experience of empowerment of immigrant adolescent youth", where they will present the methodologies and empowerment techniques used in this project to other organizations based in the territory.