La Scelta (The Choice)

La Scelta (The Choice)

Moustafa explains a story where the choices he makes, will define his destiny


Authors: Ahmed, Mohamed, Hedi, Charfi, Eridon, Yeab, Johan, Zakirullah and Silvia.

Year: 2012

Duration: 16 min

Country: Italy

City: Rome

Language: Italian. Captions in English.

Synopsis: Ali dies after illness. His wife and his son Moustafa fall into a cycle of poverty and their electricity is cut off at home. Moustafa, after trying unsuccessfully to find work, he decides to go to Europe. In Italy, he enters in a minor center (La Città dei Ragazzi) where he will meet some friends. He start stealing and drinking alcohol. However, thanks to the support of a good friend, his life takes a turn, finds a job and eventually creates his own Pizzeria and, finally, meets with her mother.