La otra cara de Salt

La otra cara de Salt

Ibra is a guy who comes to Salt City. He doesn't know anyone in this city...


Authors: J.R.D.S (Young Reporters Of Salt): Ansu Cisse, Bakary Sankareh, Fatima Outegrar, Ibrahima Ba, Issam Barahmooni, Khaoula Mahjoubi, Malika Belafrein, Massiel Duarte, Muhamadou Batchilly, Omar Badjié and Rachid Laazaoui.

Year: 2012

Duration: 22 min

Country: Spain

City: Salt (Girona)

Language: Catalan and Spanish. Captions in English also available.

Synopsis: Ibra is a guy who comes to Salt City. He doesn’t know anyone or anything about the city but he has heard that there is a very bad feeling. He is scared. With the help of different youth he will discover that Salt City is not what he thought.

It is a social participatory documentary that explores the perspective of a group of youngsters about a city which media tent to represent negatively. They make a portrait of the city through the voices and experiences of concrete people, who in their daily life make the city diverse, creative and friendly; where many things happen beyond what it is said in newscasts.